Dr. A.K.Patel

Progress is a mirror where the personality of the students, the teachers, the principals and the trust is reflected.

I strongly believe that development of educational institution is the development of whole community. Within a short span of time the trust has established the institutions of higher education.

At present, about 5000 students have been studying at various institutions of the trust. To avail higher education at home tomn, the trust has established post graduation course and B.Ed. The institutions have produced doctors, engineers, lawyers, officers. teachers and I feel satisfaction for what we have sown. The institutions attempt to honor women, embellish students with virtues.

In the time of erosion of human values, education field is abused. The trust has maintained its reputation by emphasizing need of human values in life. The institutions are the best not only in excellent results but also in extra curricular activities. I hope that the institutions may produce worthy citizens.

Shri J.P.Patel

It is well said in Srimad Bhagvad Gita that nothing is so pious as knowledge. Knowledge stands on the padestal of Truth. A mentor is essential for knowledge. A teacher teaches and shapes the students studying in the schools. Teachers and schools are essential for knowledge. As light absorbs darkness so is knowledge to ignorance.

To meet with the objective of evading ignorance, superstitions, and bad conventions of the society, Ash Education Trust started educational institution in Vijapur. The objective of the educational institution is to generate honest, ideal, humble and service-oriented citizens with the help of donation from the rich and dedicated people to education.

At the initial stage the school was run at the premise of the temple of Mahakali in Kashipura area. In 1965, a new building was built near Animal Hospital in Vijapur. Day by day, the number of students has been increasing due to high standard of education of the institutes. In 1967, the Girls School was established in the rented building. The School established reputation for committed teachers in the area.

Fortunately, Dr.A.K.Patel presided over Ash Education Trust as the managing trustee. Henceforward, the institutions have grown fast. At present. the school established in the royal area of Vijapur consisting of the building with all facilities, playground, B.Ed.College, Mahila Arts College. Girls School are the steps of the trust’s progress. The ideal of our education trust is to express divinity of each person. We are committed to embellish the students with virtues like obedience, samskara. honesty, patriotism, character and drug de-addiction. We have been trying to strengthen the slogan:“Kelavani is Dharma”.